Annual Review

The holidays are approaching and gift-shopping lists will be made and checked off. Taking a moment to meet with us for an annual review of your financial plan can:
increase your sense of being prepared
reduce stress knowing you’ve protected you and your family
make the holidays that much more enjoyable
We’ll ensure that you’re on track with your retirement plan, and that you’ll have the income to celebrate holidays in style in the future.
And what about unplanned expenses?
You’ll want to make sure you have liquid assets to deal with those!
In the last year*:

  • 60 percent of households in the U.S., regardless of household income level, said they had suffered a financial “shock,” defined as an unexpected expense or loss of income.
  • A third had suffered two or more!
  • More than half of these households said theystruggled to make ends meet afterwards.
*According to a report from The Pew Charitable Trusts
In order of impact, the unexpected expenses were:

  1. Major car repair
  2. Home repair
  3. Illness requiring a visit to the hospital
  4. Loss of a job or cut in work hours or pay

“Financial shocks are both common and damaging to family finances,”  said Clinton Key, a Pew research officer.

To protect yourself and your family, learning about brand new flexible, tax-advantaged ways to invest are another reason to meet with us yearly and review/update your plan.

When you’re on track with your financial plan, you will be celebrating instead of worrying during the holiday season.