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Brian Vaughn

Insurance Specialist

Representing Silverhawk Insurance, LLC (SIS), Brian utilizes the resources of SIS when appropriate as he provides counsel and planning via his insurance-based practice, “Brian Vaughn Financial”. In 2017 Brian began his affiliation with Silverhawk Insurance Services, LLC in order to provide a higher level of financial and insurance services including:

Cash Flow and Goal Setting
Retirement Planning
Proactive Tax Education and Information
College Funding
Long-Term Care protections Strategies

Raised in the tropics in the nomadic lifestyle lead by his Navy officer father, Brian has developed connections and friendships around the country and beyond. This experience cultivated Brian’s curiosity about all people and how their decision making is influenced, particularly as it relates to finances.

Brian is dedicated to helping people make financial plans and better decisions by first learning their stories and history of decisions, both good and bad. Please email Brian at brian@vaughn-financial.com

*Brian Vaughn, and Brian Vaughn Financial, are not affiliated with Silverhawk Asset Management, LLC

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