Brian Vaughn

Brian joined Silverhawk in 2017 and is anchoring our Seattle office full-time after nearly 6 years with JPMorgan Securities and JPMorganChase as a Financial Advisor and Private Client Banker in Seattle.

Raised in the tropics in the nomadic lifestyle lead by his Navy officer father’s duty, Brian has developed connections and friendships around the country and beyond.  This experience cultivated Brian’s curiosity about all people and their stories.

While still responsible for marketing operations and business development at Intel Corp in Chandler, AZ, Brian earned an MBA at Arizona State University in 2006.  Soon thereafter, Brian joined UBS in Scottsdale, AZ to begin helping people make good financial decisions, starting with learning their stories and helping them prioritize their financial goals.

Brian’s son, Anthony, daughter-in-law, Janine, and grandkids, Kato, Mekhi and Jordynn live in the suburbs of Seattle.  It was due to a desire to be closer to them that Brian moved to Seattle, and started with JPMorganChase.  In 2015, Brian met Dawn who became his fiancee in 2017.

Now with Silverhawk, Brian is able to offer much more value to clients.  By leveraging the internal expertise of the Silverhawk team, and Brian’s network of professionals with whom we can coordinate, let’s help you make sound plans and financial decisions.

Please email Brian at to schedule time to share your story, and see if we’re a good fit.