Joe MacDonald

Joe Macdonald grew up in rural Maine, where he learned the value of integrity, hard work, and discipline, through his family’s business of new car dealerships started by his grandfather, Roger Macdonald, in the 1940s. Joe attended Clarkson University to pursue his passions in mathematics, science, and business, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Masters of Business Administration. In 2003, Joe co-founded a real estate investment company in Arizona to capitalize on the opportunities he identified in residential, multi-family, and condo-conversions. In 2006, Joe and his business partner determined that the real estate market in Arizona was not sustainable and liquidated their investments. In late 2006, he became National Sales Manager for Active Finance Group, LLC, a private investment bank based in Scottsdale, Arizona focused on bridge-financing for real estate investors. For two years, he led the company’s sales growth to over $100M, while significantly reducing the portfolio’s risk by diversifying geographically and improving the quality of the underlying assets. The financial crisis of 2008 caused the company’s senior investor to stop originating new loans, so Joe transitioned into the role of Asset Manager, where he managed the portfolio of loan and real estate assets to maximize the return of principle to the investors. Arizona was especially hard-hit during the financial crisis, and Joe decided to put his unique experience to use, helping clients plan for their futures and avoid unforeseen risks. He joined AXA Advisors in 2013 as a financial advisor, specializing in retirement and insurance planning. Joe quickly found a niche with physicians, business owners, and high net-worth families, and joined Silverhawk Financial in 2015 in order to utilize its extensive tax and financial planning experience to provide more impactful services to his clients.

In his free time, Joe enjoys family time at home and travelling with his wife Kristy and their son Joey. He is an avid golfer and enjoys hiking and travelling. Joe is an Eagle Scout, has a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is active with the Delta Sigma Phi Phoenix Alumni Association and Greater Phoenix Mensa.