Scott Hadley

Scott Hadley is a financial planner who is passionate about helping people make sound financial decisions that will enable them to reach their financial goals. With 20 years of experience in financial services – plus training and certifications in everything from equity trading to insurance, options, and more – Scott works with the other experienced Silverhawk team members to design customized financial plans that look at things from a multi-disciplinary perspective and are tailored to each client’s specific circumstances.

As a Private Wealth Manager, and an Investment Advisor Representative, Scott offers his clients a complete financial planning service. From creating a financial plan based on the client’s needs, goals, income, and lifestyle to implementing and monitoring the plan, Scott does it all. Of course, he also coordinates with legal and tax advisors whenever it is needed.

One of the many things that sets Scott apart from other Investment Advisors is his passion for and excitement about his chosen career. He is one of those lucky people who looks forward to going to work each day, as wealth management is far more than “just a job” or a paycheck for him. In fact, Scott spends much of his free time reading books about financial planning, studying investment strategies, and following the market.

Dedicated to customer service, Scott enjoys educating his clients about all of their financial options. His focus is always on doing what’s best for his clients so as to establish and maintain successful long-term relationships – and to ensure that they can continue to sleep well at night! In his twenty years as an Investment Advisor, Scott has achieved an extraordinarily high client satisfaction rate.

For more information about how Scott can help you or someone you know achieve their financial goals, contact him at 949-207-6036 or