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"Plans are nothing; planning is everything."

Dwight D. Eisenhower

The Praetego System™

With the achievement of true private wealth comes many benefits—lifestyle, luxurious housing, exciting global travel options, charitable endeavors, and much more. So too comes complexity and risk.

Asset protection planning is a legitimate form of wealth planning.  Advisors who engage in asset protection planning help their clients preserve and protect their property in advance of a claim or the threat of a claim.

Silverhawk Private Wealth has developed the Praetego System™ to provide our clients with the knowledge and resources that their assets will be protected from loss in the event attempts by dubious creditors or frivolous plaintiffs seek to take them. The U.S. justice system is unpredictable.  High net worth families, as well as successful businesses and business owners, today are faced with ever-expanding theories of liability, being sued just because they appear to have “deep pockets,” and judgments may be entered against them based on desired outcomes instead of the law. How does one protect against this? Typically it means utilizing available legal tools, existing financial vehicles, and common business structures to make it extremely challenging for those folks to succeed.

Clients should understand that the primary purpose of the tools employed in asset protection planning is neither to hide personal or business assets nor to deprive any Governmental entity of taxes derived from the income earned on the protected assets. Rather it is to protect and defend assets created from your hard labor from unforeseen attack by dubious creditors or plaintiffs.

Effective deployment of the strategies utilized with the Praetego System™ should serve to provide an incentive for settling a claim, improve our Private Wealth client’s bargaining position, offering options when a claim is asserted, and, ultimately, deter litigation.

Our protection planning is not about avoiding taxes, keeping secrets, hiding assets, or defrauding creditors.





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