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"Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much."

Helen Keller


The financial services provided by Silverhawk Private Wealth are customized to each client as part of the overall financial planning process. Here is a sample of some of the services we provide to our high net worth clients.

Asset Management

You worked hard to accumulate your wealth, now we will work to protect it, and grow it in value. We use our years of experience to develop a customized approach for your portfolio, taking into consideration income and estate taxes, asset protection, and your goals, risk and comfort level. We also examine the state of the financial markets nationally and globally as well as evaluate the level of correlation or non-correlation that will best serve to preserve your principal during market downturns.

Powered by the Tria FormulaTM, our clients benefit by gaining substantial diversification of their portfolios with the twin goals of increasing total returns and reducing overall volatility. This is accomplished with exposure to many investment asset categories and customized for each individual client.

We have access to over 100 professional asset management firms and multiple hedge fund, or alternative, management philosophies. These strategies and investment plans are customized and implemented via our Core portfolio allocation.

Tax Advisory

Sure, your CPA can crunch the numbers and compliantly complete your tax return(s), but being a CPA should be so much more!

Would you like someone with a fresh look that brings creative tax planning ideas to you in a customized method so as to realize beneficial tax savings, tax savings that can increase business cash flow enabling you to grow the enterprise, cash flow improvement that makes you more bankable and more marketable?

At Silverhawk we are redefining the role of the CPA and have created a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary method for providing tax advice and financial review, recommendations and implementation.

Our approach to taxes can mean a world of difference.

Medical Financial Advisory

If you are a physician looking for financial advice and tax planning wisdom, you need a specialist!

As a physician, you already know that your financial world is substantially different from the rest of the world. That’s why at Silverhawk, we provide a wide array of specialized financial services on both a business and an individual perspective to medical practices and the physicians that own and operate them. In fact, we have even trademarked a unique methodology for managing the investment portfolios of our medical professional clients, DocFolio™.

Our years of experience, and our vast expertise and resources in working in this specialized area of medical practice consulting enables us to offer strategies and value-added services designed to help you profitably manage the business side of your practice, protect the assets you accumulate from loss, and minimize any income and estate tax burdens that you might face.

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Benefits Consulting

Reducing costs means increased profits.

Business owners and physician practices constantly struggle with the ever-increasing percentage of revenues that must be dedicated to employee benefits cost, especially in the area of health insurance. At Silverhawk, we have the resources to identify the most cost-effective methods for our clients to provide for this and other important fringe benefits. Our experience, knowledge and affiliations in the area of benefits consulting put us in the position to research, analyze and identify methods of providing coverage – be they direct purchase, association health plans, utilization of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) or employee leasing. We may even identify ways for you to reduce overall risk management costs via ownership of your own insurance company.

Silverhawk Retirement Planning Services, via our affiliation with Tom Rooney and Clear Fiduciary Consultants, has the resources to assist employers with retirement plan design and benchmarking. Is your current retirement plan provider a fiduciary?

See http://clearfcllc.com/

We’ll assist you in evaluating options relating to:

  • Health Insurance Group Plans
  • 401(k) Plan Enrollment and Employee Education
  • “Golden Handcuffs” for Key persons to assist in recruiting and retention
  • Supplemental retirement plans for owners only that can exceed 401(k) limits and be provided discriminately
  • Disability Insurance
  • Payroll Services
  • Workers’ Compensation insurance options
  • Long Term Care Coverage
  • Preventive Medicine Programs
  • Dental Care and optical care
  • Pre-Paid Legal Expense Plans
  • Corporate Medical Reimbursement
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Family Office Services

As wealth increases, so does complexity. That’s why Silverhawk Private Wealth offers family services in Scottsdale. The need for a centralized and coordinated effort that will serve to simplify and efficiently streamline wealthy families’ functions such as income taxes, estate tax planning, charitable giving, investment management and reporting as well as assemble financial information for effective overall planning is essential.

Accounting for family assets and investments is critical to this process. So is communication. Our multi-disciplinary approach benefits high net worth families as we can provide you a much more integrated and comprehensive perspective and help you to understand when disciplines intersect and interact, or when they operate independently. Global asset management, property management and maintenance, integrated estate and income tax planning, even bill paying and reporting, all consolidated in one expansive relationship is what we seek to achieve.

Luxury Realty

Silverhawk Realty’s mission is to use our vast expertise, and attention to detail, to serve the needs of the Silverhawk clientele. Our understanding and experience with the ever-evolving Arizona real estate market has enabled us to serve countless clients with their real estate needs.

We possess extensive experience with traditional sales, jumbo and creative financing strategies, short sales and strategic defaults. Our substantial network of reliable lenders, title companies, inspectors and contractors assures you that we’re able to handle all aspects of the real estate transaction, both prior and long after the sale.

Designated broker, David Larchez has been involved in residential real estate and construction management since 1998. Originally from the north shore of Massachusetts, David moved to Arizona in 2003 after completion of his MBA. Since that time David has been involved in over $50M of residential real estate transactions.

David and his qualified team are ready to provide whatever assistance and advice our clients need or desire.


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